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We're a tight-knit group of storytellers, designers and coders who share a common trait: a passion for digital expression. Nothing fuels us more than turning back-of-the-napkin ideas into beautiful, functional opportunities for an audience to experience a brand, via web sites, online communities, and mobile apps.

We've spent the better part of our lives honing our skills and learning our craft. Our collective experience spans the corporate world and startups alike. We've worked in various capacities for a variety of Fortune 100 companies — like Apple, Time Warner, and KPMG — and in sectors like higher ed. We've worked with startups too!

Simply put, we create a concise, effective message that is the centerpiece of your users' experience.

Website Design • Content Management • Web Development
Private Social Networks • Online Communities • Mobile Apps

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Dream team.



Chris Brewer

Frisbee. Vision. Architect. Wannabe drummer. Recovering musician. Nineteen years creating the web. Guarantor of client satisfaction.



Scott Morris

Pit bull. Project Manager. EBD doctoral candidate at The Ohio State University. Seeks clarity amidst chaos in an ocean of indeterminants.



Idris Djumanov

Idris=new Object(); Idris.codes('poetry'); Idris.spokenLanguages = ['Russian' , 'English', 'C++', 'Javascript', 'Java', 'PHP'];



Hannah Brewer

Artist. Animator. Modeller. Musician. Full time student of Media Informatics. Powered by passion and motivated to create.



All signs point to Zavoodi.


Web Design

Exceptional design merged with state-of-the-art technology is the outcome of our efforts to illuminate your brand, product, or service offering.

Content Production

Words with impact. Photography that illuminates. Interaction that engages. Professionally produced content wins eyeballs and business.

Social Media

We understand doing business in the currency of likes to shape public perception, and have the answers you need to engage on that social front: be it campaigns, contests, pages, or opinion mining.

App Development

Leverage the new app economy by partnering with our experienced app producers. Working with some of the biggest names in the business, we're building the underpinnings of some of the iOSsphere's most compelling apps.

Digital Asset Management

Your growing number of digital assets — videos, photos, PDFs, etc. — can be housed in a system that provides instant searching, download, and version management for members of your organization.


Print Design

Some of the world's largest companies turn to Zavoodi to produce high-end printed materials. Our capacity ranges from small runs to multi-million pieces. Inquire about our capabilities today.

The Process of Perfection


1. Idea

Listen. Consider. Riff. Together, we harness the inherent knowledge of your team and the seasoned know-how of ours. This is the movement from back of napkin to plan.


2. Design

Design is a conversation: a process of refinement based on continuous feedback and improvement. We seek integrity of purpose through creative instinct; intention, function, and beauty.


3. Development

What isn't seen powers what is. Technical expertise reveals itself subtly, in support of the aesthetic, never itself.
The great Zen masters of code have thus decreed; we heartily agree.


4. Launch

Accelerate your project ROI with a pre- and post-launch publicity plan. Engage your stakeholders across multiple media outlets, including press, blogs, signage, and the social space.



History, redux.

FDR's legacy impacts the lives of every citizen of the world. When constructing the $45 million FDR Four Freedoms Park, the conservancy chose Zavoodi to create an online exhibit highlighting key aspects of FDR's life. Today, it serves to introduce important concepts in governing, human rights, and politics to park visitors, and to students world-wide.

Client: FDR Four Freedoms Park
Date: Ongoing

Goliath ❤s David!

Our work powers a broad swath of Apple Inc.'s educational initiatives in more than 28 countries worldwide, including the Apple Distinguished Educators program, Campus Reps, Advanced Training Centres, Regional Training Centers, and more. Our focus on design quality and command of technology keeps Apple coming back for more.

Client: Apple, Inc.
Date: Ongoing

Ahoy there, matey.

When Cincinnati's Antique Boat Center created a new division to sell modern boats, Zavoodi envisioned a solution that honored their company's heritage while expressing the excitement of modern watercraft. This mobile-friendly site will be powered by sophisticated software that allows the company and visitors to sell boats, trailers, and other nautical accessories online.

Client: Modern Marine Center
Date: July, 2013

Rock 'n Roll, baby...

For major recording artists world-wide, Zavoodi's custom-created audio app framework powers the sales of music in a new, disruptive format that promises to redefine music sales in the same ways that other formats like AAC, MP3, and CD's did.

Client: EMI/Sony
Date: 4/29/2013

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